Winifred Violet Phillips (1899-1994)

Winifred Violet Phillips (1899-1994

Winifred Violet Phillips was the third and youngest child of Harriet Rigg (1863-1941) and Jack Phillips (1866-1956). She had an interesting and sheltered life as her parents were comfortably well off. She was an accomplished Christian author and published many tracts and books throughout her life including:

In 1947 she married Rex Eastment(1892-1971+) who had in middle years taken holy orders in the Church of England - see photo. They lived in provided accommodation in various parishes in Essex and these provided the settings for some funny books about her experiences as a vicar's wife in a rural community. In later life she and her husband Rex returned to the family home which was split to provide a ground floor "flat" and painting studio for May, and an upstairs "flat" for Win and Rex.
The family home, which I often visited was at 1 Spratt Hall Road, Wanstead and I vaguely remember her father when visiting as a child. The house was fascinating for a young child being full of curious objects collected from around the world.
Later it had a strange atmosphere with May's paintings hung in the ground floor - some of which were quite good, and a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in the upstairs flat of Rex and Win where on at least one occasion May went into a trance and told us some surprising things while guided by her spirit mentor. Rex who was by now a retired Anglican priest was quite tolerant of this spiritual experience. They all believed in a silken chord connecting the body and soul which allowed out-of-body experiences, and which of course severed at death.

Winifred Violet Phillips was a cousin of my grandfather.